The Truth about 1972:

Everything about the three Green Lanterns was true, when you switch Guy and John’s names.

Now for 2 Truths/1 Lie. The year is 1973:

  • Captain Marvel appeared for the first time in a DC Comics publication. DC had gone after Fawcett Publications legally alleging copyright infringement for Captain Marvel’s likeness to Superman’s. After years of the legal battle Fawcett agreed to never publish Captain Marvel again leaving him to enter the DCU 20 years later.
  • Wonder Woman became wonderful again. She had been powerless for nearly a year. It took a blow to the back of the head and amnesia to get her to instinctively travel back to Paradise Island where the Amazons gave her back her powers.
  • The Joker had been just and irritating prankster for many decades until Batman 251 where he reestablished himself as a homicidal harlequin. In the issue he went after his former gang with Joker Venom and explosive cigars. His undoing was a comical slip in sand but the issue did establish the dynamic between Batman and The Joker’s dependance of Batman as his only worthy opponent.